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Saturday, July 03, 2010

update on Jace's Painting

tonight i showed up at leslie's door with Jace's painting in hand. with my girls rallying in the car, a bug eyed dog staring at me through a glass door, and the sounds of "who in the world could be here?" ringing from someone inside, i stood, nervous, not knowing what leslie's reaction might be.

i was an unannounced visitor. and when leslie opened the door, she was surprised and demanded to know what i was doing there and why did i have the painting with me. when i tried to give it to her, she declined, saying that i won the painting, it was mine. i reminded her that i knew this, and i could do with it what i pleased, correct?

daniel's painting has a calming peace about it. before i ever even won the painting i decided that if i did, i would give it to leslie. she would derive the most from this grand piece of art. i did not know if she would even want the painting, if it would be too painful, but the peace that exudes from this particular piece of work would not and could not be too painful for her to have. there is something miraculous about this painting, and it was my honor to surprise her with it.

the painting is in its final home, where it belongs, with the people who love Jace the most. a beautiful piece of artwork that has brought so much peace to me, now resides with the person who needs peace from it the most.

i love you leslie! no one deserves this more than you!


2 delights:

Andrea said...

I am so happy you were able to give her this gift. It really warms my heart and I think this really kicks off Jace's legacy.

Stacia said...

You rock!!!