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i laugh too loud. i sing all the time. i cry easily. i've been told i have the oddest sense of humor. ever. yes, i'm the one in the movies laughing when no one else gets it. the only time i dance is for my kids. they love my "rubber dance!" remember in school when you use to shake your pencils til they looked all bendy and rubbery? yeah, it's like that! ha! i stay up late and wake up early. i see a therapist who helps keep me straight and making good decisions. i do not speak to my mother and think this is great! I am moody, opinionated, emotional, intelligent, and empathetic. i love all things girly but mostly shoes, and have a bizarre infatuation with the following: lady gaga, celine dion, stacy london, britney spears. (how the heck does that even make sense?!) oh yeah and i am addicted to my iPhone.


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Monday, November 09, 2009

because it's time.

i am typing today as a new person. or, working on becoming a new person. i just took a huge step towards becoming healthy. some friends that i have helped in that, and i thank those few people if they read this. they know who they are. and what they did for me. and in this emotional turmoil, i sit and wonder where do i go from here?
i'll tell you where:
i will teach my ladies
  • that it is OK to spill a drink. because not all accidents are preventable. and accidents do happen. and it's okay. it's what we do with those accidents and how we handle them that's important.
  • that it is NOT OK to let a man hit you. beat you. break you. criticize you. so that they do not make the same mistake that i made twice over. so that they don't have to feel beaten down in every way by someone that is supposed to love you.
  • that even though some people use sorry in the wrong way, that not every sorry is robotic and sarcastic. that they are allowed to forgive people and be okay with just accepting the apology for what it is.
  • to be strong women. who stand up for what they believe in and don't let anyone tell them that they aren't good enough or smart enough to accomplish their dreams.
  • to be compassionate and open to other's beliefs even if it means putting their own on the backburner to just hear what other people are saying.
this new road is going to be very odd. i have not been single in many many years. this is new territory for me. but i will survive it. i will make it. and i will embrace this freedom with everything i have.

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Anonymous said...


Cassie said...

Here's to freedom and survival!!

Kelz World said...

Yeah this post made me cry! but you know im here and ill support you and be here and possibly make a trip to see you to enjoy some adult beverages.

Alice in Wonderland said...

Yeah! Start each day anew, and keep these thoughts in your head!
Here's to the new you!

Stacia said...

You will do fine...single is not half bad :)

I want to come to OK to see both you & Jackie~soon!

blaze said...

Thoughts and prayers for you and the ladies. You'll survive, that's why God made you a tough cookie. XOXO

Meredith said...

I think the painting is a fantastic idea too! Unfortunately, I swore to Michael that I would leave the debit card alone for awhile. Ha!

Loved this post. There are definitely a few items that I am working on right now!

Andrea said...

Proud of you...I can't wait to hear all about your adventures as a single woman.

blueviolet said...

Good for you and welcome to a newer and happier life!