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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

my hump day dump

screw it. i'm dumping today.
i tried to write a post for not me monday. and i tried to write a post for random tuesday thoughts. even got out the timer.

no such luck.

i have had a sore week. my heart is sore. my head is sore. my mind is sore. i got a friend in trouble on accident. i have some stuff going on that i can't talk about yet because i don't know what's going to happen. and then yesterday i find out that lady o's teacher is verbally and emotionally abusing her and you know what?

that shit does not fly with me.

so now i'm in the process of trying to get her moved to another classroom but the freaking principal isn't in the office today so she has to make do in a classroom where she DOESN'T feel safe or accepted and what does that say about me?! sending her to school to be screamed and yelled at simply because she isn't like other kids.

lady o can't fall behind. she can't get back on track in a normal amount of time. i didn't spend the last 7 years of her life doing massive auditory verbal therapy and make good use out of her implants so that she could be smacked down from some stuck in the same grade teaching the same shit to the same age of kids teacher. when she started school this year she was confident and she held her head high. she was full of so much vibrance. this last month has taken it's toll on her and her grades.

is lady o high maintenance? yes she is.
is that her fault? no, it's not.
should she be punished for that? HELL to he N-O!

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Cassie said...

I'm sorry you have had a tough week. Just letting Lady O know that you WILL do something to change the situation should help her know the problem is not with her but with the good for nothing teacher at her school.

Jenny DB said...

Agreed. That's the most important first step in this situation. when I was in K, my teacher "bopped" me on the head and my mom wigged out. teacher claimed she was PMS'ing - that was her excuse, can you believe it? anyway, it took my mom awhile to sort it out with the principal (conveniently unavailable for some time) but I KNEW my mom was on my side. and that's what mattered most.

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Hope you can get her into a different classroom soon! No child should be treated that way.

blueviolet said...

I hope you're able to get your daughter into a classroom which will better suit her! It's not fair to be abused like that!

Vickie said...

Sorry this week isn't going so smoothly.

I hope you can get her out of that class. I hope the principal doesn't fart around the issue. No one deserves to be mistreated!

My first grade teacher spanked me for having a messy desk. Then after my Mom talked to her. The teacher came to me later and practically said I imagined it!!

Jax said...

Ugh I am SO sorry for your week, girly. :( And I agree that she DOES NOT deserve to be treated like that.. you have a friend thats a lawyer you know... ;) XOXO!

Andrea said...

Not that I am surprised but good job being such a strong advocate for Lady O's education. A lot of parents could give a crap.

Kaylen said...

Life is so unfair sometimes!!!
I think Lady O is very lucky to have someone standing behind her and providing love and support. Noone should be mistreated but most especially by a teacher who they should be able to trust!