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Saturday, October 10, 2009

from 25 to 10 in one fell swoop.

today I went to the fair. and i found this:

and i was really really excited! because even if the sooners aren't playing up to par, i'm totally in love with the red & white. i got really really excited! and i'll tell you why:

so i was walking into the tent and saw the cell phone case booth to my right. sir g said i could look as long as i kept one of the ladies so i said boooyeah! and grabbed the easy one, lady o. i went searching for something hot pink and silver. or hot pink and black. or just plain hot pink. but i come across a black jack II ou sooners case and totally completely LOOOOOVEDDDD itttttt! yes people. i loved it.

so i search and search and search. and i can't find it. i have like 20 cases in my left hand, 5 in my right, and lady o has like 10 in her arms. no sooner case for my blackberry! what! is this possible!? my bb is awesometastic. 8900 people. titanium. smart. phone. do not deny the bb owner her case. seriously.

so i went up to the booth owner and asked him if there was one for my dear bb. he saw all the cases in my hands [and lady o's] and looked at me all weird. i promised we would put them all back, that i'd logged each and every one in my brain so i knew which hanger they went on. he nodded with a smile and waved toward the space i was already looking through. "yeah sure. dey're ova d'ere."

huh? pardon? excusez moi? are you kidding me? half the wall is emptied into mine and my child's hands and he wants to wave me off? um. no. not to be deterred, i smiled, then pouted and stood closer to him...

this transpired:

me: no, not over there. over there is here [i cut my eyes to my filled arms.]
him: *sigh* you wan' soooners, righ?
me: yes. ou. you have them for every other phone. you are in the midwest. blackberrys are the most kickasstastic phone in the universe. 8900's in particular. are you saying there are no ou phone cases for my awesome phone??
him: i...i don' know to halp you.
me: if you don't help me i'll stamp my foot. and then i'll go through every other case hanger on this entire booth. [its true. i mean, i did have like 1/4th of the wall already. seriously.]
him: *bigger sigh* fine. i halp you.
me: yay!!!! [and while he looks, i put up the other cases.]
so he finds one. finally. like 15 minutes later. hey, i had nothing better to do. and by this time, i'd already guilted him into helping me for this long so how could i just say aww fuck it, it's just a cell phone case?
me: yay!!! great! how much? [maybe i should have asked him before hand?]
him: [oh and did i mention that he was an indian. like not a buffalo hunting, braided hair, roman-nosed indian. more like the dot in the middle of the forehead, 7-eleven owning, apu from the simpsons india-n.] yesh, yesh it ees twinteeefiiife!
me: holy wind sweeping down the plains!!
him: twinteeefife. final offa. [final? where was the haggling?]
me:  dude. are you serious? 25 bucks? you're charging me for the pout aren't you? the help? the threat? just to let you know, i don't tip anyone who doesn't at least refill my glass of vino. just sayin...
him: what you tink eets worth?
me: 15.
him: [his turn to act shocked] no no no no no! dat's unbreakable plastic!
me: ummm the mall has these on sale right now for 12.99. and don't tell me it's unbreakable. i've seen that cheap packaging! it's a good spray paint job with a couple of stickers from the sticker machine outside of Ryan's!
[he laughs. hysterically. of course he did. because it was the truth. they'd probably peel off in a week!]
him: you know i have dat blackberry. it is my favorite phone! i went tru 2 otha blackberry before i love dis one so mush!
me: i think you are a pretty awesome guy for having such a kick ass phone! but i don't pay over 15 bucks for a phone case that's just gonna break in a week. all i need is a way for my phone to look mega cute and slide easily into my jeans pocket. cause i started gaining some weight again, and it ain't slidin in so easily anymore. and i'm gonna be here for awhile since my ladies are already whining that they wanna ride rides. so what else you got?
him: you hard core OU fan?
me: i love OU as much as the atlanta braves!
him: wow. even dooring de rotten years? [hello? does he listen to collin raye?]
me: since stoop's brother left, OU is IN their rotten years!
he laughs hysterically again and says: i give to you for 15, cause you make me laugh and you have de besss phone eva!
me: [pushing my luck] how about 10 and i don't go to the booth at the other end of the tent-grounds????
him: [laughing hysterically yet again] you got ta deal!
me: habib you are freaking awesome!
he is still laughing as i hand him a ten and he thanks me for the most fun the entire 11 days of the fair.

you are soooooooo welcome cell phone accessory sales man!!!!!

yeah don't ask me why i made such a big deal. i think it was just the fun factor of it all. yesh yesh. it musht be!

2 delights:

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Lol - you showed him! Way to bargain with him like it was Mexico!!

Stacia said...

LOL you go girl, that is funny!