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i laugh too loud. i sing all the time. i cry easily. i've been told i have the oddest sense of humor. ever. yes, i'm the one in the movies laughing when no one else gets it. the only time i dance is for my kids. they love my "rubber dance!" remember in school when you use to shake your pencils til they looked all bendy and rubbery? yeah, it's like that! ha! i stay up late and wake up early. i see a therapist who helps keep me straight and making good decisions. i do not speak to my mother and think this is great! I am moody, opinionated, emotional, intelligent, and empathetic. i love all things girly but mostly shoes, and have a bizarre infatuation with the following: lady gaga, celine dion, stacy london, britney spears. (how the heck does that even make sense?!) oh yeah and i am addicted to my iPhone.


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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

wishful & way back wednesday!

you can join wishful wednesday too! just go to kelsey's site and link right up! she is super blonde! and super awesome! and has super awesome fashion sense! [hellloooo, lululemons!]

'I wish"...I was going on vacation tomorrow, and I would want to go to:



the land there is so pretty. some family is there. i am in love with the accent. ocean is so pretty. a guy from high school lives there and says he loves it...except telecommunications sucks! despite that minor [gulp] difficulty, i wouldn't mind moving there myself. ahhhh...

i wasn't aware bali was such a tourist attraction until i was talking to a very good friend of mine from high school. she lives in indonesia and i was looking for flights to go visit her last year when i came upon a lovely destination called bali. beautiful!! so i spoke to her about it and she says that it is wonderful and marvelous and romantic and everything that anyone could want in a warm, beautiful, couples retreat. so, she and i decided we'd go together with our men in 2010 or 2011. I have to definitely wait until the girls are old enough to be trusted to behave with other people and get sir g used to the fact that they don't have to go EVERYWHERE with us.

italy because duh...it's italy. hellloooo! sicily because ever since i found out exactly what my ethnic background is, what my heritage was, i have wanted to see where my biological father and ancestors came from. i am completely obsessed with anything italian/sicilian and cannot wait until i can get there. =)

way back wednesday

november 2006. jacksonville beach, florida
thanksgiving vacation.
when lady o had 1 implant & lady n was sweet as pie.

before i forget, i just wanted you all to know that i am waging a war with the fox tv network. i set up dvr to record all new episodes of lie to me on monday nights. little did i know that these fox network freaks decided to run over something which made house run over, which made my dvr only record the first 25 minutes of one of the all time best shows on tv right now.
to make it worse, i didn't realize this until the dvr shut off...right at a really kick ass part!!!! it was a GREAT episode and i can't even finish it!!!!
to make it even more worst, lie to me isn't available in full webisodes as of yet.

this week: parent teacher conferences *le sigh*, agbell meeting @ TU, & all the usual dvr'd shows. pumpkin patch on saturday hopefully!

yayyyyyyy for humpdays!!!!

oh and ps:
see that new moon ticker? ok. so it premieres the day before my birthday. and so i'm also secretly using it as the ticker for my birthday. so...umm..according to that ticker...i shall be [gulp] 29 [exhale shakily] in 30 freaking days. *shudder*

4 delights:

Cassie said...

I blame the Angels for taking 11 innings to beat the Yankees which made House start late, which made Lie to Me start late. VEEEERRRYYY annoying. I stayed up late to watch it. It is on fancast.com. BTW, thirty isn't so bad. Haven't you heard? it's the new twenty!

Blaez said...

i'd love to go to any of those places!

Jenny DB said...

Australia is amaaazing! Bali looks beautiful too. *sigh*

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Australia is totallllllllly calling my name!!!!