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i laugh too loud. i sing all the time. i cry easily. i've been told i have the oddest sense of humor. ever. yes, i'm the one in the movies laughing when no one else gets it. the only time i dance is for my kids. they love my "rubber dance!" remember in school when you use to shake your pencils til they looked all bendy and rubbery? yeah, it's like that! ha! i stay up late and wake up early. i see a therapist who helps keep me straight and making good decisions. i do not speak to my mother and think this is great! I am moody, opinionated, emotional, intelligent, and empathetic. i love all things girly but mostly shoes, and have a bizarre infatuation with the following: lady gaga, celine dion, stacy london, britney spears. (how the heck does that even make sense?!) oh yeah and i am addicted to my iPhone.


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Monday, October 19, 2009

tp, ssm, pif & other offers! =)

Traylor Papers is offering free stationary and here's the deal:
"Send us an email to VIP@traylorpapers.com with your name and address and we'll send you a free customized card with your name. Tell us your favorite colors and/or style (i.e., whimsical, classic, girly ..., etc) and we will try to make you a match :) BONUS: post this offer on your blog or wall, send us a link, and we'll send you a few extra! Good thru 10/28/09!"


I love these Thank You Notes!!!

and these Initial Notes!!!!

Check out her site!


short southern mama is doing a birthday giveaway for her own birthday and I just totally LOVE LOVEEEEEE the gifts that will be given out! go to her site [i linked above] and check her out. =) she is fabulous and funny!!! not to mention she is short.southern.and her birthday is the same month as mine!!! =) yay!!!!!

and then my favorite thing everrrr:

pay it forward!!!

trish over @ me & my boys... is doing a pay it forward giveaway! yayyyy i love things that bless people or at least make them feel special!!! =) so i'm posting about it here because it's part of the rules and because well...she'll be checking!

please check out all these great offers! you won't be disappointed! =)

5 delights:

Bethany said...

Thanks for sharing!! I love cute notecards!!!

Trish said...

Thanks for getting in on my Lil game!!!!

Told you I would be checking....tee hee!!!!

Best of luck to ya girlie!!!!!

Jenny DB said...

Hey Diva!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I am catching up on yours. Your daughter is SOOoo cute.

Jenny DB

Kathryn said...

Beautiful notecards! It's hard to find people who even use 'em anymore...with these dang computer gizmos....

Lisa Traylor said...

Thanks for the post, Joy! Your cute cards are in the mail - hope you like them :) Lisa www.traylorpapers.com