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i laugh too loud. i sing all the time. i cry easily. i've been told i have the oddest sense of humor. ever. yes, i'm the one in the movies laughing when no one else gets it. the only time i dance is for my kids. they love my "rubber dance!" remember in school when you use to shake your pencils til they looked all bendy and rubbery? yeah, it's like that! ha! i stay up late and wake up early. i see a therapist who helps keep me straight and making good decisions. i do not speak to my mother and think this is great! I am moody, opinionated, emotional, intelligent, and empathetic. i love all things girly but mostly shoes, and have a bizarre infatuation with the following: lady gaga, celine dion, stacy london, britney spears. (how the heck does that even make sense?!) oh yeah and i am addicted to my iPhone.


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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

random tuesday thoughts

i found this on the un mom's page!!! and she is superfantabulastic! so go check her out. she does this weekly post called random tuesday thoughts.
i liked it. so i did it. but i'm going to limit myself to a time frame because i can get pretty deep into randomness. so i'm going to give myself 60 seconds to jot down the top random thoughts going through my head at this moment. i'm setting a timer and whether i stop at 60 seconds or not...well you'll never know so...

let the wild rumpus randomness start:

i am totally not.normal. i have come to accept this.
i'm super happy this has finally been "released". [2 weeks til the album. totally psyched!!!]
men, in general, are a conundrum.
where the hell is a dart when you find the perfect face to use for a board?
there is something just downright sick & creepy about yo gabba gabba. [this has nothing to do with the freak jack black who guest starred.] seriously people. watch.
the only thing creepier than yo gabba gabba is that i know about it.
i fucking love this chick. her initals are keb...lol
now that everyone is back to school...no time to get pretty in the mornings. =(
i know what i'm getting for my birthday. and it totally.rocks.
it's pink.
it's compact.
it rocks. guess?
i heart wife swap but have seen every episode.
i want to get rid of fb/myspace/linkedin/etc. any thoughts?
i totally love my blackberry!!!!!
saltwater taffy isn't really any different than taffy.
a little tequila makes anything fun...
balloon boy had me in tears. fuckers!
nerdalicious. apparently everyone i know thinks this is moi. niiiiiiice.
need the caramel apple spice. =(
free relationship advice sites make me laugh/gag. i'm unsure which one it does more.
on a stick!
was in bed by 9:30 last night. was unable to function this am as result of getting adequate sleep. what the fuck?
these up and down freezing to hottt days are for the birds. pick a temp and stick to it. geez. my nose can't take all this shit!
last but not least: if you don't laugh at this guy. something is fucking wrong with you.

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Cassie said...

Yo gabba gabba is definitely wierd and I can't wait for Jeff Dunham's show on Thursday!